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Cunard Transatlantic Crossings 2013 2014 Cruises Itinerary, Schedule, Prices

The Cunard Line Transatlantic crossings schedule for all 2013-2014 cruises operated by the most famous of the world’s most famous ocean liners.

You may have found us simply by typing “Cunard crossings 2013″ or “Cunard Transatlantic 2013 2014″. No matter what you type, when the words “Cunard”, “Transatlantic” and “Crossing” are combined, the result is always one and the same – it’s simply the most special, exotic, not so cheap and not so popular, but definitely the most emblematic way to cross the Atlantic Ocean on a huge passenger liner, sailing its week+ long itinerary between Europe and USA.

Now about the “Europe USA” route. It always refer to the most special Cunard cruise destination “from UK to USA”, or on a lower level – “from England to USA“, “from (the old) England to New England” (when the itinerary is a little bit longer than usual and includes visiting Canada with a first call port NYC), and of course, the most proper one (as embarkation disembarkation port) – “from Southampton to New York“. The last one has only one exception (as far as the Cunard crossings are concerned), and this is the Queen Mary 2 ship’s 9-day (10-day as a really rare special) Transatlantic crossing starting from Germany with one-way departures from Hamburg to New York.

Before showing the actual Cunard crossing schedule, the newbies to the “Cunard experience” should know, that all these most special cruises are really very reasonably priced for the classic British luxury and renown style for some of the most unique cruise ship travel  deals.

And as long as the money is a main factor for a budget travel, cheap Cunard Transatlantic crossings (cruises) at affordable to rally low prices are attainable with the following “tricks for the Cunard treats” (ordered from “sure” to “not so”):

  1. early booking – the most sure way to get cheap Cunard rates on any sailing.
  2. the Cunard Line Past Guest program named “World Club”, offering up to 25% lower discount rates.
  3. booking the line’s lowest cabin category “Britannia Inside” (D2 to D8).
  4. the Cunard late (last minute) deals - booking your trip in time very close to the departure date (risky, very limited availability as cabin grades, but it really pays off with half-, and even lower than that rates).
  5. note: for on all sailings (not only the Cunard Transatlantic cruise deals) you’ll have to make a reservation deposit of 25% of the whole fare, all prices are based on a full single supplement rate (100%) and the on-board gratuity (bar or salon services) is 15%.

The regular Cunard crossings are operated by the Cunard’s largest liner – RMS Queen Mary 2, and the other 2 Cunard ships (ms Queen Elizabeth and ms Queen Victoria) offer Atlantic Ocean crossings as special itineraries, usually as first segments of their World Tours operated in the very beginning of each year, always departing from Southampton, England.

Follows the complete Cunard Transatlantic cruise schedule for crossings in 2013 and 2014, with suggestive min prices in GBP, Per Person (double occupancy), simply to show you the lowest rates (late deals excluded) if you really want to taste the Cunard “White Star” impeccability of service and supreme dining experience available only on these three ocean liners.

Queen MARY 2 Transatlantic 2013-2014 crossings, ordered not by excitement  but by their cruise length:

Queen ELIZABETH (2) Transatlantic 2013-2014 crossings ordered by their departure dates:

Queen Victoria Transatlantic 2013-2014 cruise crossings, excluding as with the other two Cunard Queens the Around The World itinerary:

The Cunard cruising offers the best possible chance to sample the so traditional British charm of cruising across the Atlantic Ocean on a ship that is famous always as the person whose name it bares. Believe me, you really must do it at least for once in your life! Happy and safe Cunard cruises, and good luck with their prices!